37 – Penis Marathon® N

Sex is not a sports discipline.

Men spend a great deal of time and money on their health, fitness and clothing. Looking good and being top fit is important for many men. But what about sexual endurance?

One in three men suffer from premature ejaculation. Often the sufferers are trapped in a vicious circle of shame and fear of failure – and their partners and their relationships as a whole suffer. There is in fact a cure for most sexual problems. 

The average duration of sexual intercourse is seven to ten minutes. Experts refer to a premature ejaculation when the man has an orgasm (which usually happens at the same time as he ejaculates) before, during or very shortly after penetration.

In the animal kingdom a rapid – but repeated – ejaculation does indeed serve a purpose: it enables the fast and repeated transfer of the male’s genetic traits to various females.

Human sexuality however serves more than just preserving the species. It is a cultural process, a kind of communication. And precisely this type of dialogue should not be rushed.

The easiest principle is to lower the stimulation intensity and thus avoid premature ejaculation.

This is the mechanism of action of PENIS MARATHON N SPRAY, a spray to prolong sexual intercourse by reducing the intensity of stimulation of the top nerves in the penis.

Give yourself and your sexual partner the chance to experience an orgasm at the same time.

Application:  When required spray 2-3 times on the surface of the penis 3 times daily at the most about 3-10 minutes before intercourse. There is no limit as to how long this product can be used.

Please note: Only for external application, do not spray in the eyes or nose or on to open wounds.

Not suitable for children!

12 ml Spray