About Us

As an international manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements in the human sector as well as one of the leading international manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements in the sex-specific sector, we are committed to the production of high-quality products as well as their further development and the development of new specialities. 

Our advantage and your safety: As one of the few suppliers on the sex-specific market, we are also manufacturers of our own products and also produce for other companies. This means that we have constant control over the quality of our specialities before they leave our premises and are delivered to our customers.

Thanks to the advantage of quality assurance and in-house production of all specialities, we are now one of the largest and best-known manufacturers and distributors of sex-specific preparations in the world. Thus we can not only look back on more than 30 years of experience in development and production, but also know exactly what we are talking about.

This potential of know how and experience is also reflected in our service and advice.

Our growth is solely due to our customers who place their trust in our products worldwide and have not been disappointed. Our customers include well-known national and international companies.

We are constantly striving to give our customers and end users the best possible performance in service, offer, advice and price.

Your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

Our customers know: Quality and service need not be "bought" by a high price.