18a – Penis-Pflegecreme

A man’s attractiveness depends on many factors.

His face, his hands, his hair etc. are the details that women pay attention to first. But what about attractiveness of the pubic area and the penis when it comes to exchanging tenderness? In terms of men’s personal hygiene, the pubic area is often neglected because many men are unaware of the fact that the looks of the pubic area and thus the penis can be influenced by external body care.

In addition, cosmetic treatment can also ensure appropriate attractiveness and vitality of the man’s best member during moments and hours of intimacy. The ingredients contained in PENIS CARE CREAM (PENIS-Pflegecreme) – high-quality essential oils, the vitamins A and E which are of major importance to the human skin, and panthenol – provide a refreshing and animating body care experience as well as a pleasant smell and thus keep the pubic area active and attractive.

Bear in mind that women attach a lot of importance to a man’s well-groomed appearance … and, during moments and hours of intimacy, this also includes the penis. This product is not suitable for children and must therefore be kept out of children’s reach!

Do not use together with condoms!

To ensure adequate and balanced care, we recommend to massage approx. 1cm of PENIS CARE CREAM (PENIS-Pflegecreme) into the penis skin.

Nr. 18a
28 ml Cream