06a – Penis-Dragees

Nutritional supplement with pepper, plant extracts from liquorice and guarana, glutamic acid and vitamins

For the man’s best friend

Nowadays, day-to-day stress sets particular demands on the nutrition of men. Sufficient supply of the penis with vital substances is of paramount importance.
For that reason, we have taken the popular saying “liquorice makes you horny” as a basis for the composition of ingredients contained in our penis dragées. By combining liquorice, the dragées’ chief ingredient, with pepper, various vitamins and other substances, we have provided it with even more “fire”.

So nothing will stand in the way of a nutrition which is essential for the efficiency of the male sexual organs.

The consumption of these convenient dragées enables you to supplement your nutrition with important nutrients in a discreet and hygienic way.

Not suitable for children!

Nr. 06a
30 Dragees