23 – Ero-Marathon


Power Spray for the man for strengthening and refreshing the penis. By specific use in the genital area ERO-MARATHON® stimulates the blood circulation and thus, through a cooling effect which is felt pleasant, dampens the inner excitement of the man. Not only do the selected ingredients intensify the appearance of the penis, but at the… Read more »

24 – Penis-Entwicklungs-Balsam


Penis development balm for cosmetically enhancing your penis by increasing the blood supply to the erectile tissue which generally can lead to the length and diameter of the penis being increased. As required gently massage a 2cm long line of cream gently on to the shaft of the penis. 26g Cream

26 – Orgasmus-Stopper


Delays male orgasm. Love cream for external application. ORGASM STOPPER delays the male climax. For the man who wants to control his ejaculation and really satisfy his partner. 20ml cream

35 – CORrige A


Sexual tonic with sedative components, helps prolong lovemaking by slightly suppressing excitement. Hasty lovemaking is only half as satisfying! Duration makes for an exciting sexual experience. Regular use over a number of weeks will help you achieve harmony in your sex life and boost your self-confidence. 45 coated tablets

36 – CORrige Creme


Cream for prolonged intercourse. Works immediately. Over-eager lovers often arrive at their destination too soon. But even in moments of passion a good lover should think of his partner. CORRIGE CREAM helps the over-excited man to withhold premature ejaculation and experience an orgasm at the same time as his partner. 28 ml cream

37 – Penis Marathon® N


You do not always have to come first! Sex is not a sports discipline. Men spend a great deal of time and money on their health, fitness and clothing. Looking good and being top fit is important for many men. But what about sexual endurance? One in three men suffer from premature ejaculation. Often the… Read more »