03 – Love Sugar for Women


LOVE SUGAR for women is a nutritional supplement especially developed for women who temporarily lack sexual interest or find it difficult to be sexually aroused (generally also known as frigidity). LOVE SUGAR for women sexually stimulates the woman, is absorbed rapidly by the body and immediately enters the blood stream. LOVE SUGAR for women refreshes,… Read more »

07 – Sex-Mini-Tablets feminin


Make yourself receptive for sexual stimulation. In order for you as a women to be open to sexual stimulation you have to give your body elements which are just not present in our daily diet or only to such a low degree that they are used up by our daily stress. Feminine Sex-Mini-Tablets help you… Read more »

10a – ERO SEXIN® only for Woman


ERO SEXIN only for woman contributes with the vitamin B6 to the regulation of the hormonal activity, with the vitamin B12 to the normal psychological function, with copper to the maintenance of normal connective tissue, with pantothenic acid to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, riboflavin (vitamin B2) to the normal function of the nervous… Read more »

12 – Itch-Cream


Itch cream, clitoris itch cream is a cream for women who want to make love and want to be erotic but who lack sexual drive. Applying a pea-sized quantity to the clitoris creates an irresistible sensation of sexual desire. As a result of this delightful sensation a woman can achieve an orgasm almost spontaneously. Itch… Read more »

14 – Happy Lady


Pleasure care for an intensified female sensation. HAPPY LADY pleasure care for intensification of female passion. Exactly reaches the critical female pleasure centre. This way she herself or with her lover can experience a more intensified passion. Massage approx. 1cm of HAPPY LADY into the skin of genital area if needed. 26g Cream

15 HOT-Lady novo


Nutritional supplement with vitamins, glutamic acid, pepper and plant extracts from guarana and liquorice root. For modern, present-day women. Due to increased environmental pollution and stress, the female organism is increasingly exposed to free radicals. This can lead to a gradual reduction in the female’s sexual appetite. For that reason, we consider it recommendable to… Read more »

15a – HOT-Lady

Hot Lady No15a

Special ingredients help the woman to increase her libido and enable her to reach a climax. This product is a balanced combination of ingredients which have proven to be successful for many years. Due to incorrect and poor nutrition, hormone problems and stress, it is difficult for a woman to feel aroused or to reach… Read more »