19 – Langzeit-Men-Cream


Intercourse prolonging cream. This cream is used by men who wish to excel at lovemaking and prolong the duration of sexual intercourse. PROLONGATION CREAM lets the man hold back his ejaculation until his partner´s orgasm occurs. 28ml cream

20 – Phoenix Intimspray


PHOENIX SPRAY is a special health-care product especially developed for the care of the genital area of both men and women. It cleans and cares for the skin and enhances the genital area through the deep-down massage effect. The massage effect results in a sensational, exciting and pleasurable increase in the blood supply to the… Read more »

21 – Lila Ekstase


Fragrant cream to heighten sexual pleasure. Genital skin care for those very special moments. Chosen ingredients enhance your well-being and both revitalise and boost blood circulation through the skin of the erogenous zones like a fresh spring breeze. The cream may be applied before, during and after if you wish. 28ml cream

22 – HOT SHOT genital skin care


Hot-Shot, the skin-care cream for men and women looking for that “special something”. As the name suggests: a skin-care experience which will give both of you a really hot time because there is nothing nicer than helping one another to achieve the very greatest pleasure in lovemaking together. So both of you should use Hot-Shot… Read more »

23 – Ero-Marathon


Power Spray for the man for strengthening and refreshing the penis. By specific use in the genital area ERO-MARATHON® stimulates the blood circulation and thus, through a cooling effect which is felt pleasant, dampens the inner excitement of the man. Not only do the selected ingredients intensify the appearance of the penis, but at the… Read more »

24 – Penis-Entwicklungs-Balsam


Penis development balm for cosmetically enhancing your penis by increasing the blood supply to the erectile tissue which generally can lead to the length and diameter of the penis being increased. As required gently massage a 2cm long line of cream gently on to the shaft of the penis. 26g Cream

25a – Seduction


To increase sexual ecstasy in men and women. Sexual Lust Cream, stimulating for both men and women to make their love play more passionate and fiery. The stimulation of our most intimate areas is neither harmful nor wrong, but very often necessary to reach a climax. Sexual Lust Cream is the key to a passionate… Read more »

26 – Orgasmus-Stopper


Delays male orgasm. Love cream for external application. ORGASM STOPPER delays the male climax. For the man who wants to control his ejaculation and really satisfy his partner. 20ml cream

27 – Creme 69 de Luxe


CREAM 69, the seductress for particularly intimate moments. For imaginative, modern partners who enjoy varied oral stimulation. Applied to the genital area, it exudes an exciting perfume and stimulates the tongue to even more adventurous and dedicated performance. Even passion needs variety. With the four popular perfumes and flavours banana, peppermint, strawberry and vanilla. 20ml… Read more »

28 – French Kisses Oralsex-Spray


There is nothing nicer when making love than with soft lips to gently suck your partner´s penis or clitoris and lovingly caress it with the tip of your tongue. With 1-2 sprays onto the penis or lips of the vulva you give the object of your desires a wonderful aroma. 12ml No.28a Vanilla No.28b Strawberry