22 – HOT SHOT genital skin care

Hot-Shot, the skin-care cream for men and women looking for that “special something”. As the name suggests: a skin-care experience which will give both of you a really hot time because there is nothing nicer than helping one another to achieve the very greatest pleasure in lovemaking together.
So both of you should use Hot-Shot for a lovemaking experience which you will remember for a long time. During foreplay, massaging each other when making love or petting, you will tumble from one lovemaking pleasure to the next, as if struck by Cubid´s dart.

It cares for and pleasantly stimulates the skin in the erogenous zones of both man and woman. It lends the skin a refreshing fragrance and is a skin-care cream based on an adipose substance and produced without using preservative agents. A bean-sized quantity of Hot Shot should be applied where necessary, perhaps by your partner, to the male and female erogenous zones (clitoris, labia and body of the penis etc.) and gently massaged into the skin.

26g cream