07 – Sex-Mini-Tablets feminin

Make yourself receptive for sexual stimulation.

In order for you as a women to be open to sexual stimulation you have to give your body elements which are just not present in our daily diet or only to such a low degree that they are used up by our daily stress.

Feminine Sex-Mini-Tablets help you to supplement precisely these nutrients. You can overcome lack of sexual desire (also called frigidity) as well as tiredness caused by stress or sexual excesses.
The tried and proven nutrients damiana and muira-puama increase your sexual arousal and are supported by cola.

With Feminine SEX-MINI-TABLETS you can enjoy your sexuality as a woman to the full.

Recommended dosage: As required, take three mini tablets preferably mornings and evenings after meals.

Ingredients: Vegetable extracts from: cola seeds, damiana leaves and potency wood.

Sex-Mini-Tablets are not suitable for children due to their caffeine content!

30 tablets