About Us

As an international producer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional supplements for humans, as well as being an internationally leading producer of the above specifically for the field of sex, in addition to producing fodder supplements for animals, we have dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality products and also advancing existing products and developing new specialities.

Our advantage and your safety: We are one of the few suppliers on the sex products market who actually produce our own products as well as produce for other companies. We therefore constantly are in control of the quality of our specialities before they leave our company and are sent to our customers.

Thanks to the advantages of our quality assurance system and the fact that all our specialities are produced in-house we are one of the largest and best known producers and suppliers of sex-specific preparations. We are not only backed by more than 30 years experience but know exactly what we are talking about.

This potential of expertise and experience is also reflected in our service and our advice.

Our growth is down to our customers alone who place their trust in our products world-wide and have not been disappointed. Our customers include renowned national and international companies.

We constantly endeavour to offer our customers and final consumers the best possible service, range, advice and price.

Your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

Our customers know:

You do not have to pay a high price to get quality and service.

You do not always have to come first!